Back To Heritage 2011

Tertium organum

University of Zadar, May 29th – June 6th, 2011.

The subject matter of Back to Heritage project is the first Croatian novel – Mountains – in the context of contemporary artistic theory and practice.
The theme of the fifth project’s workshop is the relation between art and space. The term made by Russian philosopher Pjotr Damjanovič Ouspensky is related to a possibility of cognition of the fourth dimension, through consciousness. It is the one that becomes the human third apparatus, after the phisical and mechanical one. In today’s digital era, the consciousness is the thing that very often comes out beyond the reality of time and space.  In Croatian art history, the landscape holds very important position. The reason of that is certainly the particularity of landscape, as well in Istria or Dalmatia, as in hinterland or the islands. Since Tomislav Krizman and Oton Gliha till Zlatan Vehabović and Josip Tirić, Croatian artists reffered to landscape, and doing so, to space. Also, most of the foreign artists that come to Croatia come from the same premise. Olafur Eliasson has adjusted his Venetian pavilion entirely according to the sunlight on the island Lopud, when the pavilion has been transfered into the mediterranean surroundings.  Tertium organum project will set out of the model in which the artists are reffering to the idea of space as metaphisical category. They will reexamine the relation towards landscape both as the archetipical one, the one of Velebit, out of which the world of Zoranić is coming from, and the urbanistic one, of Zadar and Nin. Through a polemical discourse, they will tend to speak about relation towards historical heritage, urbanistic areas in Zadar and its surrounding, but also about devastation of that very same space through the means of deformed corporative and apartman building architecture. Special part of the project will be selection of contemporar Croatian painting. In the selection of Željko Marcijuš (Modern Gallery), artist Tomislav Buntak will be presented. The Culture of Change SC (custodian Marta Kiš) will present younger artists Josip Tirić, Pavle Pavlović and Sebastijan Dračić. Custodian Yulia Usova will give a view on contemporar Ucranian scene. In the selection of Lithuanian  custodian, artist Zilvinas Landzbergas will be presented, and the special guests will be the artists Timothy Halewood and Clay Rawley of the Coed Hills rural art space from Wales. Coed Hills is one of the examples of realized utopia as the space of freedom for artists, ecologists and farmers. The artworks created at the workshop will be exhibited in the church of St Donat, church of St Dominik and the church of St Peter and Andrew. Together with the main programme, there will be many accompanying events held, such as concerts, lectures and urbanistic interventions.

Organizer: University of Zadar, Department of Teachers’ and Preschool Teachers’ Education
Director: Robert Bacalja
Art director: Josip Zanki/ Bojana Vukojević
Custodians: Yulia Usova, Marta Kiš, Željko Marcijuš,  Leonida Kovač
PR: Nena Ninčević

Tomislav Buntak           
Josip Tirić                         
Sebastijan Dračić                 
Pavle Pavlović                        
Yulia Kostereva 
Yury Kruchak
Zilivinas Landzbergas
Agne Jonkute
Rawley Clay
Timothy Halewood

St Donat’s church: “Tertium organum”
Artists: Yury Kruchak, Yulia Kostereva, Zilivinas Landzbergas, Timothy Halewood, Rawley Clay
Custodian: Yulia Usova

St Peter and Andrew’s  church: “Pilgrimers – Mistical journey”
Artist: Tomislav Buntak
Custodian: Željko Marcijuš

Artists: Josip Tirić, Sebastijan Dračić, Pavle Pavlović
Custodian: Marta Kiš, Culture of Change SC

St Dimitri’s Gallery: Koraljka Kovač “Forest”

Yulia Usova
Gordana Koščec, OPA

Special Programme:
Installation: Petar Barišić “Deaf Bell”, custodian Leonida Kovač – September, 2011, St Donat’s church