Back To Heritage 2010

Jacopo Tintoretto “Conquest of Zara”

University of Zadar, May 30th – June 7th 2010.

The subject matter of Back to Heritage project is the first Croatian novel – Mountains – in the context of contemporary artistic practice.
The theme of the fourth workshop is Jacopo Tintoretto’s painting “Hungarian Conquest of Zadar” (“Conquest of Zara”) and its reflection on artistic expressions of Mediterranean and Middle East artists. This baroque painter’s famous canvas is held in Sala dello Scrutinio (Voting Hall) in Palazzo Ducale (Doge’s Palace) in Venice. In certain way, it symbolizes history of Zadar on the ridge of East and West, Byzanthium and Venice, Ottoman Empire and christian Europe. After Hungarian conquest, Zadar was taken by the crusaders, as a counter favour for the rental of Venetian ships, and ultimately at the beginning of 15th century, it was shamelessly sold to Venetians with the rest of Dalmatia. At the time Petar Zoranić writes his Mountains, Ottomans infiltrate further to the West, making Zadar and Zoranić’s birthtown Nin the borders of war territories. The initiating beginning of these events were the Crusades, representing the paradigmatic point in which the religious and civilization elements of eastern and western civilization interwined. The workshop will especially focus on interlacing the heritage and legacy of the cultures the artists are coming from with the heritage and legacy of Zadar.
Furthermore, workshops devoted to the art of storytelling will also be held, evoking this special form of art in today’s digital era which it has vanished from, while it used to be the very root of most of the myths.
Works of art which are to be created during and before the project will be represented in the light of three different custodian concepts, and will take place in City Lodge, the Church of St Dominik and Church of St Donat.

Organizer: University of Zadar, Department of Teachers’ and Preschool Teachers’ Education
Director: Robert Bacalja
Art Director: Josip Zanki / Bojana Vukojević
Custodian: Jasna Jakšić
PR: Nena Ninčević

Marko Tadić
Zlatan Vehabović
Ivan Fiolić
Iva Kovač
Elvis Krstulović
Kristina Lenard

Khaled Hafez
Wolfgang Buchner
Roza El Hassan
Salam Haddad

Otilia Cadar 
Dionisis Kavallieratos
Kiki Omerzel

St Donat’s Church: “Jacopo Tintoretto: Osvajanje Zadra”
Custodian: Jasna Jakšić

St Donat’s Church: “Your and my Lebanon”
Custodian: Josip Zanki

St Dominik’s Church: “Storytelling”
Custodian: Bojana  Vukojević

St Dimitri’s Gallery: “Group NEXT – documents on group’s work” 


Luise Kloos
Iva Kovač
Mirjana Trošelj
Suzana Marjanić

Special programme:
Dubravko Lapaine: “Empty Spaces Stories” (performance)
St Donat’s Church