Back To Heritage 2007-2009

International art in residence project

Back to heritage 2007

The project “Back to Heritage” is thematically related to the first Croatian novel Planine (Mountains) and it puts it into the context of modern artistic practice. The topic of the first workshop is author of the “Mountains”, Petar Zoranić. In the 16th century he described the natural beauties of the authentic historical sites of Nin, Zadar, the Velebit Range, the source of the Krka River, and the vicinity of Nin, which inspired Josip Zanki to “reactivate” these archetypical places from Zoranić’s novel on the 500th anniversary of the birth of Petar Zoranić, through a comprehensive artistic operation. Project “Back to heritage” elaborated (re-worked) two levels of Zoranić’s inheritance- relation to heritage, her modern aspect, and relation between utopic and real in art and society

Island as a Utopia 2008

The topic of the second workshop within the project is “Island as a Utopia”. Petar Zoranić finds his Utopia, his Arcadian world, on Velebit Mountain. It is the location of the author’s escape from unhappy profane love, and comfort in spiritual, undying love toward Heritage.
This premise of the novel makes us think about two things: which utopian ideas are present in modern art, and what modern artists realize their everyday life as a utopia. After the twilight of great ideologies of the 20th century and entrance of world history into neoliberalism, the questions of democracy and tyranny became insignificant. The aim of this workshop is to promote the realization of freedom of space and stop the commercialization of the art.

Image as hermetic Icon of the New age 2009

The Theme of third project is Image as hermetic Icon of the New age.
All carathers in the roman “Mountains” of Petar Zoranić are going trough different metamorphosis.The relation to the Image has changed trough history: from completely occult and magic in cave paintings, to matter-less in Russian avant-garde. Kazimir Maljević is first who made an archetypal form of the image. White square on white background and black square on black background are the first icons of hermetic image.
The ground of our questioning and the starting point is Zoranić’s mythical mountain native land. Image left by the writer open our imagination using time and leftovers of arcadic space.

Organizer: University of Zadar
Project director: Robert Bacalja
Art director: Josip Zanki / Bojana Brkić

Iva Koerbler 2007, Nikola Albaneže 2008, Vladimir Gudac 2009
Marta Kiš, Žarko Bošnjak, Robert Bacalja, Vladimir Gudac 2007  
Marjan Vejvoda, Vladimir Gudac, Vjeran Katunarić, Rade Kalanj, Milivoj Bjelić  2008
Mark Gisbourne, Glagolitic Dictatorship, Jasna Jakšić, Vladimir Gudac, Nadežda Mukhina, Herman Gletter 2009

Artist 2007:
Luise Kloos, Lore Heuermann, Pavel Ivanov, Marco de Giorgi, Moe Yamamoto, Petar Barešić, Siniša Majkus, Marina Bauer, Igor Konjušak, Bojana Brkić, Roman Simić, Josip Zanki

Artist 2008:
Luise Koos, Leon Zakrajšek, David Škerlj, Margareta Kern, Rene Stessl, Branko Lenić, Edita Matan, Zvjezdana Jembrih

Artist 2009:
Bojana Brkić, Luise Kloos, Denis Krašković, Dino Topolnjak, Robert Maloić, Duje Jurić, Glagolitic dictatorship, Hrvoje Benković, Ivan Zelić, Ivica Kiš, Jelena Dabić, Josip Zanki, Klaus Mettig, Magnus Monfeldt, Manfred Stern, Marcel Fotter, Michael Shikhanov Kublitsky, Mirko Zrinšćak, Miše Lukač, Nadezda Mukhina, Sanna Syvanen, Siniša Reberski