3 Sisters (Haimat)

In Zadar archipelag near island of Ugljan there is a small islands call “3 sisters”.
Inhabitants of all islands around have been buried their non-baptized children there. Islands have been existed like a egzyl for a death children. This island is a strong symbol of all sinners, heretics and people under the curch law.
During the communism there was a typical to write “Tito” or a “Fraternity and equality” on the top of the hill. Young people, solders or a left wings activist made this using a stone, such big that it was visible from very far distance.
My work for HAIMAT project will be dealing with this two idea, landscape and exile. Work will be: 9 drawings, video and tittle in a landscape.
1. On the top of the hill near Graz I’ll make a tittle “3 sisters”. I’ll dig it in a grass.
2.During the project every day I’ll make invisible city wall drawings (9 pieces). This is connected with the part of Graz history when the city wall and upper town was destroyed by French
3.Video work will be speech with Graz citizens about 2 ideas-islands and wall. I’ll ask them about the connection between destroyed city walls and developed island on Mura river. Is for them wall or a island symbol of isolation, and do they think that construction of island was result of walls missing.
This 3 work are making references between idea of isolation and communication, history and memories nature and urban vision. Landscape work will be documented with photography and video also.

Josip Zanki