My Artworks consists of several distinctive directions. Among them:
Graphics, Drawings, Mountain projects, Videos


From projects section i would pinpoint “Back to heritage” project. he is thematically related to the first croatian novel Planine (Mountains) and it puts it into the context of modern artistic practice.


I have done so many lectures in my lifetime, since I was regular professor at University of Zadar, as well guest professor in many European Cities. So read one that seems most disposed for you..



From most part i find inspiration in nature. But second best thing where i done lot of research is sacred geometry in art and architecture from all around the world..

What's New

Ruins and the Expression of Romanticism

If we analyze the relationship between the perception of landscape and architecture in the history of European cultural forms, we encounter ruins which have lost their original formal meaning long ago, and also buildings that no longer accord with their original purpose and use.